Modern Strength operates out of Masterpiece Strength Academy, a grungy dungeon at 4/227 Leitchs Road, Brendale, QLD 4500. The best way to contact me is via facebook.

The general response to stepping foot into Masterpiece Strength Academy is either “This is awesome!” or “Oh crap, no, this is terrifying, arrghhhhh!!!” That just comes with the territory.

Look for Masterpiece Strength Academy

Look for Masterpiece Strength Academy

Masterpiece Strength Academy enjoys the following features:

  • 5 Texas barbells, which have great grip and loading capacity.
  • 1 Oakie barbell, in perfect condition for competition training.
  • 1 Safety squat barbell, which is easy on the shoulders.
  • 1 EZ barbell, allowing different grips that are easy on the elbows.
  • 1 Hex barbell, allowing you to lift weights in the most life-like fashion possible.
  • 11 Standard barbells, making versatile training highly accessible.
  • Several hundred kilos of adjustable barbell weights, with discs ranging from 1.25-25kg.
  • Dumbbells ranging from 5-50kg.
  • Kettlebells ranging from 8-32kg.
  • 1 Hack squat machine, for developing calves and thighs.
  • 1 Glute ham developer, for improving your trunk, hips and thighs.
  • 2 Squat stands, adjustable according to your size and shape for safety and comfort.
  • 1 Squat rack, with varied handles for pull ups attached.
  • 1 Pull up bar, attached to the wall.
  • 1 Dip bar, designed to accommodate individual shoulders.
  • 1 Prowler sled, for the cruelest forms of cardio.
  • Chalk, nose torque and more.



Like I said, we’re a grungy place. Our layout looks cool, it looks terrifying, and it looks kinda grotty. But we look ugly so that you don’t have to. The resources we use are among the best in the industry for churning out strong, defined bodies.



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