The conventional deadlift is a means of lifting a dead weight off the ground. It strengthens the whole body and allows you to safely move more weight than most other barbell exercises.

Primary Purpose: Lift heavy objects safely!

Additional Purposes: The majority of movement in the deadlift comes from the hips, making it a powerful glute (bum) and hamstring (back of thigh) developer. The knees also extend to stand up, strengthening the quadriceps (front of thigh). Keeping the spine stable strengthens the spinal erectors and core muscles, while the upper and outer back muscles reinforce the back, hips and bar position. Holding such heavy weights strengthens grip like few other exercises. Deadlifts are a compound (multi-joint) exercise, which allows many muscles to be trained at once, sets a high cardiovascular demand and increases energy expenditure per rep.

Julie Foucher


  • Stand up straight, feet close together, shins about 1 inch away from the bar.
  • Bend at the hips and knees, bringing the knees forward until they touch the bar (do not roll the bar away).
  • Reach down, set your hands shoulder-width apart and wrap your fingers around the bar.
  • Tightly set your lower back into neutral extension.
  • Keeping the bar in place, shins against the bar and fingers around the bar, lock your elbows and push your hips down.

2013 Open workout descriptions with Julie Foucher


  • Keeping tight throughout the entire body, push the floor away.
  • Drive your hips forwards while keeping the bar back against your legs
  • As the bar passes your knees, pull your shoulders back while pushing your hips forward until the hips and knees lockout.
  • Unlock the hips and knees, keep your trunk tight and hinge at the hips to lower the weight.
Franco Columbu

Muscles targeted? All of them.


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